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24110 | väggfäste för högtalare, tilt, Ring Lock

Screw-on wall mount with innovative, patented straddling bearing-anchors. Suitable for speakers with connector diameter of 35/37 mm. This mount provides simple attachment and guaranteed effective clamping of speaker in any position.
910,00 kr

24120 | väggfäste för högtalare, svingbart och tilt, Ring Lock

The swivelling and tiltable wall mount holds your speaker at the angle you want. The mount has 11 different tilt settings moving through 22°. The swivel is adjustable to any angle. The patented expanding mandrel for loud speakers with cabinet interiors of diameter from 35 to 37 mm is tightened with a key for a non-wobble and low-resonance speaker fit.
1.780,00 kr

24140 | väggfäste för högtalare, svart

Wall mount for speaker boxes with 36 mm flange mounting. This design largely conceals the wall mounting with the speaker box. Very strong and sturdy design, intended for a max. load of 35 kg. The speaker distance from the wall can be individually adjusted in 4 positions.
640,00 kr

24161 | universell högtalarfäste

700,00 kr

24471 | högtalarbrakett för vegg, svart

690,00 kr

24480 | väggfeste för högtälar

720,00 kr

24484 | väggfäste för studiomonitor, 708i og 708p

1.400,00 kr

24496 | takbrakett for høyttaler

1.050,00 kr

K&M 24185 | Veggfeste for høyttaler

The practical wall and ceiling mount for smaller loudspeakers has been upgraded. A new feature is a cable outlet, which now provides an internal cable guide for hidden installations. Thanks to two special threaded pins and the Allen wrench / hexagon key included in the delivery, the universal joint can be positioned and set exactly. As such the load-bearing capacity increases to 10 kg. The wall distance has been reduced to 160 mm.
350,00 kr

K&M 24195 | Vegg/tak-brakett for høyttalere

Wall and ceiling bracket for speakers, adjustable, additional security by wire cable. Wall clearance 271 mm.
460,00 kr

K&M 24481 | høyttalerbrakett for vegg, sort

Multi-purpose wall mount for speakers with large wall plate for heavy speakers. The mounted speaker can be swiveled to the sides and tilted up to 30°. Easy mounting by convenient hooking in and screw locking.
740,00 kr