Televic T-Cam

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Televic T-Cam Camera | ekstra kamera

Pan-Tilt-Zoom IP camera with Full HD 1080p output at 60 fps. 3G-SDI , Ethernet and HDMI interfaces. PoE enabled Can be used as an extension to the T-CAM Package (SDI) or as camera for the T-Council package (SDI / IP) Consists of following items: - 1 full HD camera - License for 1 extra camera in T-CAM - Converter cable SDI cables or ethernet cables not included

Televic T-Cam Camera Tracking System | 2 x kamera + video switcher

Camera tracking solution compatible with Plixus, Confidea G3 and D-Cerno systems. Consists of following items: - 2 full HD cameras - Video switcher - Video capture card (Only for preview. If used, desktop PC with PCI slot required!) - Camera tracking software + license for two cameras - Converter cables SDI cables or ethernet cables not included

Televic T-Cam Name Overlay

Extension to the T-CAM Package to display the name of the delegate as an overlay on the video stream of the camera tracking solution. CoCon Discussion software required.