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IT12000HD | Class I slutsteg 2 x 4500 W @ 4 ohm, inbyggd DSP

Two-channel, 4500W @ 4Ω Power Amplifier

VTX M20 | scenmonitor 2x 10" LF, D2 driver, lågprofil

VTX M Series is JBL’s latest in premium stage monitoring products designed for the most demanding, highest output stage monitoring applications, including high profile concerts, broadcast events or fixed installations. The line is comprised of the dual-10” VTX M20 and the dual-12” VTX M22 both featuring neodymium Differential Drive woofers making the two products some of the lightest monitors in their class. The high frequency section features a unique newly developed, diamond shaped waveguide that is based on JBL’s Image Control technology - a technology originally developed for the M2 Master Reference studio monitor. The new waveguide coupled with a D2 Dual Diaphragm high frequency delivers a symmetrical 60H x 60V coverage pattern that is spatially consistent, allowing M-Series to reach excellent gain before feedback performance. Both the M20 and M22 can be configured to operate in Single Channel or Dual Channel (Bi-Amp) modes via the easily accessible mode selection switches.

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