Plixus centralenhet

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Televic Plixus AE-R | audio engine, sentralenhet 1U

Audio Engine with Recording. Use a slim central unit with full functionality and built-in recording, without the need for an extra pc.
42.000,00 kr

Televic Plixus MME | Multi Media Engine, sentralenhet 2U

Plixus MME is compact 19" rack-mountable multimedia engine that provides all the processing and signal handling required for the Plixus network. The minimalistic user interface offers direct access to a number of vital functions, which makes control of the system easy and intuitive for the most common functionalities. A set of distinctive, yet unobtrusive handles gives the central equipment a sleek look.
84.880,00 kr

Televic Plixus NEXT Network Extender

The Plixus Network Extender is a device used to increase the number of ports available on the Plixus network and to create a redundant system design.
16.710,00 kr

Televic Plixus strømforsyning

29.690,00 kr

Televic Plixus V-IN Video input box HDMI

Insert video anywhere on your network with a simple black box
15.610,00 kr

Televic Plixus V-OUT Video output box HDMI

Extract video anywhere on your network with a simple black box.
15.610,00 kr

Televic Plixus V-REQ Video request panel

Get your video stream on the Plixus Network easily with the Plixus Video-Request Panel.
2.150,00 kr

Televic Plixus V-SEL Video selection panel

The V-SEL is an accessory that is connected to the Plixus Video-OUT Box through a micro-USB connector.
3.300,00 kr

Televic PSU til PLIXUS AE-R

Spare power supply for Plixus AE-R
2.970,00 kr