BSS Soundweb OMNI

BSS Soundweb OMNI
BSS har lanserat Soundweb OMNI, nästa generationens Soundweb! Först ut är processorerna 512p och 256p (512x512 respektive 256x256 kanaler Dante @ 96 kHz) som erbjuder massiv DSP kraft, redundanta PSU & Nätverksportar, integrerad 128ch Media Player samt up till 160 AEC kanaler och 64 VoIP linjer. Utöver de välbekanta Logic funktionerna har vi också en Scripting Engine med AMX MUSE teknologi vilken bl.a. ger support för integration med existerande BSS Soundweb London, Contrio paneler eller Crown DCi förstärkare, utöver integration med tredjeparts enheter.

I OMNI-serien har BSS också lanserat I/O expandrarna 32e och 16e (8x8x8 I/O & 24 GPIO resp. 4x4x4 I/O & 12 GPIO), där varje ljud I/O-port är konfigurerbar antingen som analog eller stereo AES3 digital. Dessutom är vissa ljud I/O-portar och alla GPIO-portar riktningskonfigurerbara som antingen ingångar eller utgångar. Vidare finner vi Studio-grade Mic-Preamps och Hi-Rez AD/DA.

Samtidigt lanseras mjukvarusviten AVX med som sömlöst integrerar AVX Architect med AVX Control. AVX Architect hanterar obegränsat antal enheter i ett canvas och används för system diagram, konfigurering av enheterna och custom UI design. AVX Control är en cross-platform app (Windows, iOS, Andriod & AMX Varia persona) där användaren ges tillgång till sagda custom UI paneler.

Vi kommer att få slutliga priser och leveranstider under INFOCOMM i juni. Mer information finns på BSS:s webbplats.

Feature highlights:

Most Powerful DSP
Soundweb OMNI represents the most powerful DSP available from BSS, with processing capability that surpasses previous BSS DSP products. The all-new engineering design ensures the seamless handling of today’s most complex installations and positions Soundweb OMNI to be future-ready to meet the evolving needs of tomorrow.

Choice of Centralized or Distributed DSP Topologies 
Centralized and distributed DSP topologies each come with distinct advantages. Instead of dictating a topology, Soundweb OMNI supports both, allowing system designers the freedom to choose the topology that best aligns with the specific requirements of each project. 

One Project, Infinite Devices
System integrators can add as many Soundweb OMNI processors and expanders to a single project file as needed, while still enjoying the simplicity of a single canvas for device configuration. Regardless of DSP topology or device count, AVX Architect software provides a centralized workspace, streamlining the process of constructing, maintaining, and troubleshooting even the most complex DSP designs. 

AVX Software Suite
Through user-friendly applications, the AVX software suite streamlines Soundweb OMNI system configuration, control, and monitoring. The AVX Architect app simplifies system diagramming, device configuration, network management, and custom UI design while the AVX Control app enables easy access to custom UIs for controlling and monitoring devices across a multitude of platforms, including Windows, iOS, Android, and AMX Varia touch panels.

Modernized 3rd Party Control API
Soundweb OMNI devices leverage HARMAN's new HControl protocol, a human-readable, standards-based, developer-friendly API. This intuitive, flexible, and powerful alternative to other protocols positions it as the preferred choice for developers working at any scale.

Dante Spoken Here 
Audinate’s Dante audio networking is the world’s most universally adopted networked audio technology, used extensively for commercial installations, live performances, recording and production, and more. Soundweb OMNI ships with its full Dante channel count capability, up to 512x512 to ensure immediate, seamless compatibility with the complete Dante ecosystem. 

Private and Public Dante Support 
For native-AVX devices such as Soundweb OMNI, integrators can easily create "Private" Dante streams simply by drawing wires between processing objects allocated across devices. This streamlines the device configuration process by allowing AVX Architect to build and protect Dante routes, without the need for external Dante Controller software. This also visually simplifies the layout of otherwise complex DSP designs. For interfacing non-AVX devices, the standard "Public" Dante toolset ensures full compatibility with the entire Dante ecosystem.

128-Channel Internal Media Player 
Soundweb OMNI 512p and 256p processors are equipped with a robust 128-channel internal media player, facilitating the playback of pre-recorded audio files directly from an internal 1TB or 500GB SSD. This is useful for announcements, paging chimes, advertisements, background soundscapes, and more.

AEC and VoIP Equipped 
Supporting up to 160 AEC channels and 64 VoIP lines, Soundweb OMNI processors provide seamless integration capability with building phone systems to ensure efficient and reliable communication.

Highest Quality Microphone Preamp
BSS products have earned a renowned reputation for exceptional sound quality, and Soundweb OMNI I/O expansion devices showcase this legacy with the highest quality solid-state microphone preamp ever crafted by HARMAN.

Multi O/S Platforms
AVX Control software is cross-compatible with a wide variety of operating systems, including Windows, Android, iOS, and AMX Varia touch panels, offering versatile options for a diverse user base.

Onboard AMX MUSE Technology 
The same technology developed by AMX for the robust MUSE Automation Platform can run natively on Soundweb OMNI devices, inheriting the same protocol bridging and scripting capabilities as AMX MUSE devices. To simplify the upgrade path for existing BSS and Crown users, this technology allows previous generation BSS Soundweb Contrio EC wall controller devices to control new Soundweb OMNI devices, while also allowing new AVX Architect and AVX Control software to integrate previous generation BSS Soundweb London DSPs and Crown DCi amplifiers into a unified custom UI, directly alongside Soundweb OMNI. This technology also provides control system programmers with a sophisticated scripting toolkit for interfacing with third-party devices and APIs.
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