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B-STOCK: Cisco switch 24 porter PoE

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EXT-AU313-TP | Audio Extender Kit For Analog Or Digital Audio

The EXT-AU313-TP is an audio extender set that includes one transmitter and one receiver. It is designed to extend a stereo analog audio signal up to 170 m and extend an Optical/Coax digital audio up to 290 m via a CATx cable. The EXT-AU313-TP is ideal to extend unbalanced or digital audio from a source to an audio system located far from the source. KEY FEATURES: • Three selectable audio inputs: Optical, Coax and Analog Stereo. • Audio will be outputted simultaneous to the three different outputs: Optical, Coax and Analog Stereo. • Convert audio signals from digital into analog, or analog into digital. • Supply power only at the receiver end -the transmitter is powered over the CATx cable (PoC). • The transmission distance of analog stereo audio can up to 170 m, and the digital Optical/Coax audio up to 290m over an CATx cable.
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