Control 45C/T | In ceiling, 120°, 50-20 kHz

Extremely consistent 120° broadband pattern control featuring JBL's exclusive conical Radiation Boundary Integrator® (RBI™) technology. Very consistent, full-range coverage of listening area while providing a small ceiling footprint. Wide, consistent coverage requires fewer speakers, reducing the cost of the installed system without sacrificing performance. Coaxial design featuring: 130 mm (5.25 in) polypropylene-coated paper cone with butyl rubber surround. 20 mm (.75 in) soft-dome tweeter on 210 mm (8.25 in) diameter wave guide. Bass extension down to 55 Hz. 8 ohm and 70V/100V operation. Integrated backcan for easy blind-mount" install. Packaged with grille and tile rails for easy installation.
Manufacturer: JBL
SKU: B-801-00301
Manufacturer part number: B-Control 45C/T