Televic Unibox multimedia interface

The Plixus uniBOX brings the full multimedia conference experience to any touch display, from consulting documents over seeing a speaker’s bio and reading the agenda all the way to voting, sending text messages, and even switching between up to 6 Full HD lip-synched video streams. Operators stay in control with guided views, focused screen modes, and synchronized scrolling. It supports any resolution up 1080p/60 and comes with all ports required for conferencing: use HDMI and USB ports, connectors for a microphone, channel selection, voting, RFID, loudspeakers, and even headphones. No need for additional power distribution towards the room, a simple CAT 5e cable is all you need to connect it to the conference network.
Tillverkare: Televic
Artikelnr: 326-00409
Tillverkarens artikelnr: 71.98.2004